Japan and France, France and Japan. Economic powerhouses that allow us to work with the rest of the world directly while reaching unusual markets and higher targets. 

predictive game at theborders of te

Apps, high end tech luxury and smart lifestyle, embedded gaming realities, and media at the crossroads of borders and frontiers already surpassed by what is now the global melting pot of the entertainment system. 

Win the actual tech game


Continuous exposure at magazine level that makes sense to investors and political players. Sustained attention increase and revenue generation through a match of star power and tech narratives that beat the curve. 

diversified agency game
diversified stakeholders

We are agents in a game that means more than just playing the press cycle. Demand generation and interviews can become larger projects when collaborating with agencies, investors and advertising companies.

play the media game globally
decision, control and targeting
  • Effective media control plan through culture embedded tech advantage overview
  • Continuous support in dealing with decision makers
  • Cultural targeting and interview configuration for maximum appeal
  • Completely secured outcomes at privacy and investment level
  • Media ecosystem speed of response over crisis time


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